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Devon’s Edibles, Devon’s Holistic Wellness & Devon’s Puppy Parcels

Devon’s Edibles is a whole food, plant-based CBD edibles company that utilizes ingredients that are nutrient rich and free of refined flour, refined sugar, dairy, eggs, gluten and soy. We believe strongly in the body’s ability to heal when given foods that promote wellness, and we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality treats we can make.

Devon’s Edibles is happy to announce PUPPY PARCELS! This is a monthly subscription, similar to Barkbox or Chewy, where you choose your package size, pay one small yearly subscription fee, and receive your bones every 28 days so you never run out!

Package 1. 30 CBD bones – $40.00 (Save $10)

Package 2. 60 CBD bones – $80.00 (Save $20)

Package 3. 90 CBD bones – $100.00 (Save $50)

Package 4. 120 CBD bones – $130.00 (Save $70)

Devon’s Holistic Wellness is a nutritional and wellness consulting service by Devon Pratt, a master certified holistic nutritionist. My nutritional consulting differs from many others because I approach each person as a whole being. I look at not just the physical, but the emotional and spiritual as well. Together, we look at a person’s schedule, food preferences, roadblocks, family dynamic and goals for feeling their best.

Irie Bliss Wellness

Irie Bliss Wellness was founded in Massachusetts as a way to illuminate the ways in which hemp can enhance one’s quality of one’s life and the health of the planet. In addition to our hemp CBD boutique, we offer a variety of holistic services with registered nurses, energy work, massage, natural body care products & tanning, workshops & yoga classes to help you achieve your ultimate state of beauty & wellness.

Dr. Kristie Ennis, creator of the Derma Edge

Dr Kristie Ennis helps others realize that they are stronger than they think they are and can do more than they thought possible.


Derma Edge – Easy to use, handheld device to help release tight spots in the muscles and fascia.

Body Vitality Videos – Designed specifically for people who have experienced back pain. Get back to living the life you love!

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